Three Avatars of an Enterprise Architect

seriously or as reality. Enjoy it in the lighthearted spirit as it is intended.

🎉 😆 Let’s dive into the wild world of Businessville, where office chairs spin like tornadoes and emails are more precious than gold. Our story begins with a bunch of Solution Architects who got a fancy promotion to become the all-mighty Enterprise Architects.


Now, these folks were as clueless as a penguin in a desert. They had no idea what to do in their new roles. So, they decided to seek wisdom from a legendary guru. “Oh wise one,” they pleaded, “we’re now big-shot architects, but we’re utterly lost. Help us out!”


The guru, with a twinkle in his eye, leaned in and shared his sage advice. “Listen up, rookies. In the eyes of your team, you’re like gods! Act like gods and establish ten super-important commandments!”
They nodded enthusiastically and jotted down below ten rules faster than you can say “tech wizard.”


  1. Thou shall make only profit
  2. Thou shall abide by the law
  3. Thou shall share the data
  4. Thou shall secure the data
  5. Thou shall treat data as an asset
  6. Thou shall reuse applications
  7. Thou shall make applications technology independent
  8. Thou shall make everything interoperable
  9. Thou shall change the technology only when the requirements change
  10. Thou shall make the business continue without interruption


Now, excited and armed with their Commandments of Wisdom, they returned to their team. But here’s the kicker – nobody cared. Their grand rules were ignored like a diet at a pizza party. “Oh no,” they groaned, “why isn’t anyone paying attention?”


Back to the guru they went, who chuckled like a friendly uncle. “You’re not gods, my dear friends. You’re translators of divine instructions!” He pointed at a bunch of computers, “Make those rules computer-friendly! Let the machines do the talking.”


So, they translated their rules into computer codes. But guess what? The team was still scratching their heads. “We did everything, but it’s like we’re speaking an alien language!”


Fed up and frustrated, they approached a third guru – the Master of Excuses. With a hearty laugh, he gave them the ultimate wisdom. “You’re not gods or translators. You’re scapegoats!” He grinned, “When things go wrong, just point fingers at someone else. It’s the oldest trick in the office book!”


And so, from feeling like tech gods to being tech translators and finally, becoming blame-shifting champions, these architects embarked on a rollercoaster of a journey.


🚀🤣 So here’s to the Architects of Laughter, turning corporate chaos into a hilarious show. In the land of boardrooms and buzzwords, they’re the ones who bring a dash of comedy to the daily drama.


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