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Program & Project Management

In Program & Project Management, SNA help in setting up Program and Project Management engagement models. The indicative building blocks for this is as below.

After setting up these building blocks, an engagement model and governance model is established with defined key process areas and key achievement areas and the engagement kicks-off and monitored on timely basis by PMO (where it exists). Supplier Organization’s Engagement Governance model takes a holistic approach to managing outsourcing engagements. Supplier Organization tracks the engagement at various levels to ensure that all aspects of the engagement including project delivery, infrastructure, quality processes, resource management and financial issues are addressed.

SNA services provided in this segment are

  1. PMO setup or Program /Project Management setup with templates, Guidelines and standards
  2. Setting up team structures: Different models have different team structure and orientation, as per delivery model SNA would suggest the appropriate level of team structure.
  3. Financial and delivery models” There are many financial and delivery models are in place, SNA would recommend best suited and cost-effective model for an engagement.
  4. Quality process and control setup: This is about establishing quality process as per management frameworks.
  5. Communication Plan & Stakeholder map: As apart of planning this activity corresponded to collaboration and agility, SNA would derive an appropriate level for SLA /OLA for each segment of work.
  6. Knowledge transfer or transition plan, execution and measurement: During a different team knowledge transfer and measure for its effectiveness is necessary, SNA uses Fireball methodology to implement this activity.
  7. Project or Program portfolio analysis and prioritization: SNA also assist PMO to create project and program portfolio and based on organization business strategy, goal and objective this portfolio would be aligned taking stakeholders acceptance.
  8. Status reporting with business: SNA develops collaborative status reporting and rollup reporting methods based on quantitative data collected from projects and programs.
  9. Setting up infrastructure: SNA would suggest the required infrastructure for the engagement to be established in any kind of delivery model or environment.

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