COBIT for Practitioners


Technology governance provides the mechanism to manage the behaviors, responsibilities, accountabilities, access and disclosure required to create and utilize all your organization’s information resources effectively and efficiently.

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology), from ISACA, is the world’s leading technology governance framework. Using COBIT to drive your organization

Technology strategy and implementation provide the coverage necessary to address the range of governance issues from board accountability down to the elemental level required by the most stringent regulations.

Delegates who have completed this course will be able to use COBIT to understand, develop, implement and manage their organization’s technology governance by :

  • Understanding what a technology governance framework is and how to implement one
  • Establishing the necessary organizational structures and processes
  • Integrating technology governance with existing processes and compliance content
  • Providing performance measurement and maturity assessment of the technology governance function
  • Demonstrating regulatory and standards (internal and external) compliance
  • Responding to audit and compliance obligations and managing the resultant remediation programs.

What is Technology Governance?

Technology governance delivers a framework of control that allows management to understand where the key technology related threats and opportunities are. It introduces a disciplined approach that is aligned with existing practices such as project and program management.

Most importantly good technology governance ensures that there is formal recognition and accountability for all activities involving information and technology assets – for both business-as-usual and during times of significant organizational change.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at organizations needing to stabilize or establish technology governance. It is suitable for heads of group function (IT, audit, security, procurement etc.), risk management, IT program and project managers, design authorities, compliance officers and those responsible for implementing technology governance. It is equally applicable to organizations in the public and private sector.


The course is classroom based or on-line with syndicate exercises based on a case-study. The course is delivered by governance professionals who are contributors to ISACA and who also have an ongoing experience of technology governance remediation and implementation. Pre-course preparation is provided by reference to the latest COBIT material from ISACA.



  • Corporate Governance and Technology Governance
  • Introduction to COBIT
  • Management use of COBIT
  • Introduction to VALIT
  • Technology Governance issues
  • Full COBIT review
  • Other Frameworks and methods

Advanced Practitioner

  • COBIT practical exercises
  • SDLC and PMO and Project Managemen
  • Policies and standards
  • Controls, audit and remediation
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Compliance
  • COBIT and SOX


Introduction to Business Analysis

2 Days

This course provides an overview of corporate governance, how technology governance can be used for organizational advantage and introduces COBIT and how it can be used to support management. The Foundation course is ideal for senior managers who want to gain an understanding of COBIT and Technology Governance.

Advanced Practitioner

3 Days

This course provides in depth coverage of the practical use of COBIT. The Advanced Practitioner course is for those actively engaged in, or responsible for, the implementation of technology governance. The Foundation course is a prerequisite for this course.