Solution Architecture


Solution Architecture course is a practical course which gives not only in-depth knowledge of Solution Architecture but also hands-on experience in designing solutions using simulated real world case studies

Solution Architecture course is a proprietary course of SNA Technologies. Realizing the need of the hour in the industry SNA developed this course to bridge the gap between the Enterprise Architecture and implementation. This course emphasizes on how to realize the Enterprise Architecture with optimal solutions.

Candidates who have completed this course will be able to identify the solutions that are optimal to solve a business problem and develop Solution Architecture by:

  • Understanding of Solution types
  • Complete understanding of Solution Design
  • Getting practical experience on how to model Solution Architecture

What is Solution Architecture?

Solution Architecture is in-between Enterprise Architecture and Implementation. Solution Architecture realizes the Enterprise Architecture by identifying the optimal solutions and gives guidance to the implementation teams to implement those solutions. It identifies the business requirements to the utmost detail level and documents the business processes business rules, service contracts, data structure and exchange mechanisms, Technical infrastructure and deployment diagrams for the solutions.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at individuals who undertake the design and implementation of Solution Architecture for the support of mission-critical business applications. It is suitable for all Architects (Solution, Business/Application/Data/Infrastructure Architects), IT Program and Project managers, who are responsible for translating the organization’s strategy by delivering solutions.


The course is classroom based or on-line with exercises based on case-studies which runs through the whole course dealing with all aspects of Solution Architecture. The course is delivered by Architecture professionals who had worked as Solution Architects and delivered solution to various clients.

The online course will be conducted by a live instructor through webex which gives an opportunity to the candidates to interact with the instructor and other course attendees and brainstorm their ide

The course material will be provided prior to the course so that the candidates can refer to the material during the course.


  • Module 1 – Architecture concepts
  • Module 2 – Solution Architecture planning
  • Module 3 – Modeling languages
  • Module 4 – Architecture styles
  • Module 5 – Architecture views
  • Module 6 – Integration patterns
  • Module 7 – Solution synthesis Module 8 – High level design
  • Module 9 – Detail Design
  • Module 10 – Touch points with Implementation
  • Module 11 – Touch points with Operations
  • Module 12 – Solution Architecture career
  • Module 13 – Case Study