The Open FAIR™ Operational Pragmatic Foundation


The Open FAIR™ Operational Pragmatic Foundation which is based on Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledgeprovides a taxonomy and method for understanding, analyzing and measuring information risk.

The Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge consists of the following Open Group standards:

  • The Open Group Risk Taxonomy (O-RT)
  • The Open Group Risk Analysis Standard (O-RA)

The Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge provides a taxonomy and method for understanding, analyzing and measuring information risk. It allows organizations to:

  • Speak in one language concerning their risk using the standard taxonomy and terminology, and communicate risk effectively to senior management
  • Consistently study and apply risk analysis principles to any object or asset
  • View organizational risk in total
  • Challenge and defend risk decisions
  • Compare risk mitigation options

What is Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge?

Open FAIR™ Body of knowledge helps the organizations to effectively manage their risk. It assists the stakeholders take well informed decisions, do effective comparisons and meaningful measurements. Any organization or individuals can build accurate risk models based on Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at organizations or individuals who would like to understand the spectrum of IT and how to manage it. This course is suitable for any professionals involved in business, development, and operations of IT. This includes CxOs, Security and Risk specialists, Architects (Business, Application, Data, Technology, Solution), IT Program and Project managers. It is equally important to the organization in the public and private sector.


The course is class room based or Webex based instructor-led training. The course gives hands-on experience with exercises based on case studies which run through the whole course dealing with all aspects of Open FAIR™. The course is delivered by professionals who are in IT for more than 20 years and know how IT works inside out. The course material will be provided prior to the course so that the candidates can refer to the material during the course. We provide several mock exam papers so that the candidate is well prepared for the certification exam


Open FAIR™ Operational Pragmatic Foundation

  • Course Introduction
  • Unit 1 Foundations of Risk Management
  • Unit 2 Basic Risk Concepts
  • Unit 3 Open FAIR™ Taxonomy
  • Unit 4 Open FAIR™ Terminology
  • Unit 5 Measurement
  • Unit 6 Open FAIR™ Analysis Process
  • Unit 7 Interpreting and Communicating Results
  • Unit 8 The Open FAIR™ Certification Program
  • Course Summary
Duration : 3 Days