Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation is a critical discipline for both strategic planning and effective execution. EA programs and efforts need to focus on solving real business problems while maintaining strategic focus on organizational alignment. Adapting EA concepts to organizational dynamics and culture is critical for successfully using EA to transform the business with relevant, actionable guidance.

SNA has been pioneer in this practice and consulting. From framework perspective, we majorly support TOGAF V9.1 framework to be adopted as a basic standards and as per industry vertical we amalgamate the two create a customized framework suited for the organizations managed innovation and strategy for IT to enable business to realise its Vision through the execution of it’s Mission, whilst enabling it to respond to change and increasing its effectiveness, profitability, customer satisfaction, competitive edge, growth, stability, value, durability, efficiency and quality while reducing costs and risks by Strategic Planning, Architecting and Governance supported by a Decision Support framework in the context of aligning all parts of the enterprise using Models, Guidance, Processes and Tools.

In Enterprise Architecture, SNA does provide following service

  1. Business and IT alignment: To align business stakeholders and Technology stakeholder to understand each other by implementing Information System architecture w.r t business process and parameters based on business scenarios.
  2. Just-in Time Architectures: These are required extensions for an established architecture framework. SNA performs this activity to bring agility and correctness in the areas for demand fulfilment.
  3. Data Governance & Data Quality: Standardization of data and sources by defining meta data and business data model. The ownership of data and re-use , replication and access to data , Data management, migration as per industry verticals is key areas to be implemented.
  4. Establish Architecture Maturity Model: The organization has to measure capability maturity of architecture process, SNA evaluates and established capability maturity target and help institutionalize the architecture maturity based on customized and agreed elements.
  5. Technology trade-offs and decision support systems 1: By using Decision analysis and resolution process framework technological trade-offs are executed based on innovation, stakeholders buy-in, organization business strategy and cost benefit analysis.
  6. Business process reengineering and modelling: SNA models as-is and to be business process, statistically simulate the process and analyse the effectiveness of the process or make recommendations for the same. Historical data is used for simulation as well as market research and predictive analysis.
  7. Adoption for best practices and Standard information base: Almost all industry verticals have some standards or the other published. SNA will suggest which information asset an organization should use and based on incorporated base, it develops specifications, Guidelines and templates and also perform internal audits.

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