Governance Implementation


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Governance Implementation

SNA helps organization in establishing a governance program, based on industry vertical standards and process standards. The broad step while implementing the governance has following steps.

In this segment SNA implements the process and performs internal audits for process compliance within the organization. The governance process adopted by organization such as ISO 9001, CMMI, COBIT, ITIL or E2EAM from SNA. For E2EAM of SNA some governance framework will be used. Benefits

  • Links processes, resources, and information to organizational strategies and objectives
  • Integrates and institutionalizes best practices
  • Aligns with industry frameworks
  • Enables the organization to take full advantage of its assets
  • Protects the underlying digital assets of the organization
  • Supports regulatory and best practice requirements
  • Promotes visible risk management
  • Establish and evaluate maturity targets for continuous improvements

SNA help organization to establish statistical process controls to effectively measure improvements. The established process should be stable and capable. To do this SNA performs small proof of concepts projects and develop a hypothesis equation related to organizations goals statement. Quarter on Quarter the data is collected for identified key areas under organization tolerance limits and processed to measure improvements in conjunction with goal. In case there is no evidence for real improvement then the hypothesis will have required to be modified and measured again. This is a continuous process to gain efficiency and agility in an enterprise.