Infrastructure Services


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Infrastructure Services

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster recovery

As per regulatory compliance SNA develops Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. SNA visits the data centre selected by customer discuss with then SLA/OLA and based on System criticality OLA/SLA are agreed. For Customer, local system as a security measures SMA performs VAPT remotely to know vulnerabilities of the deployed system and all identified threats are being suggested to be closed and checked by SNA personals.

SNA also suggest the connectivity and backup connectivity process and route for BCP/DR, performs audits for archival frequencies and verification for correctness of archival process and security suggestions for the process.

Cloud & Virtualization

SNA provides services in management, deployment and maintenance of cloud services based on service catalog and customer requirement for Public, Private or Hybrid cloud. Virtualization of servers, JIT resource allocation, Continuous product integration and JIT computing power allocations are key areas which are required by Customers and optimize the investment.