Process Implementation


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Process Implementation

SNA has its own methodology named End 2 End Agile. This process integrates the complete IT value chain from Vision, Mission, Goal, Objective & measures of an Enterprise and integrates till operation and support. The holistic view of this process is as depicted below.

SNA proposes this methodology for agility, accuracy and traceability for all services in place to be monitored with respect to value addition to end user and cost effectiveness. SNA can help integrating different tool to achieve this integration so that organization at any given point of time can know the statues for all initiatives and benefit from these initiatives.

  1. Establish JIT Architectures:- Improvise or adapt architectures to meet the demand as a feedback or incident/event/problem as we go to meet customer satisfaction.
  2. Establish Agile Projects: – Based agile process, SNA breaks into Kanban activities or scrum activities and monitor accordingly.
  3. Establish Service Catalogues: These are services deployed for customer/Citizen usages.
  4. Create Strategy for Charge back and show back: Based on organization goal SNA suggest the charging mechanism and process for each service deployed.
  5. Establish metering requirements: As pay-as-you go model there would be different metering requirements based on data, transaction, usage etc, SNA would suggest and plan for it and establish resource allocation plan for each service w.r.t demand.
  6. Monitor Event, Incident and problems: This is based SLA/OLA to measure agility , responsiveness and correctness of the services deployed and feedback the out put for strategies and other initiatives.
  7. Give Knowledge and feedback to Strategy for new JIT initiatives: These are inputs for further improvement areas for future initiatives.
  8. Focus on short terms goals while achieving long term strategy: This aspect achieves a sense of achievement and enthusiasm among stakeholder.
  9. Continuous integration: SNA would help identify tools and technologies so that continuous integration is deployed.